Offices in Europe and Asia

Norway is a small country and if we are to achieve our goal of a 50 per cent increase in exports in 2030, we need to hone, target and amalgamate our work.

We must focus on where demand in our major export markets matches Norwegian advantages and solutions, so-called "key industries". We must direct our policy instruments and initiatives towards our main export opportunities and those companies with the greatest potential, and we must agree on goals and initiatives across the business sector.

The EU's "Green Deal" growth strategy lays down the premises for European innovation and industrial and investment policy over the next seven years. This policy is heavily influenced by the EU’s ambition for strategic autonomy. In short, we are talking about Europe needing to strengthen its own production and reduce its dependence on critical input factors from the outside world - in an increasingly polarised geopolitical world. The goal is to build our own value chains in these areas and this is especially true for: raw materials, batteries, active pharmaceutical ingredients, hydrogen, microelectronics, semiconductors and cloud technology.

Russia - Moscow

Main focus: maritime, aquaculture and aviation

The Russian authorities are planning to upgrade 70 per cent of their fishing fleet by 2030. This applies to design, technology and equipment that Norwegian companies are able to deliver. Another goal for 2030 is to produce 620,000 tonnes of fish (currently 360,000 tonnes). The aquaculture industry in Russia has considerable market potential for investors and technology suppliers. Aviation industry measures adopted by the Russian state will make it possible to achieve their goal of increasing passenger traffic to 300 million people annually by 2024. To achieve this goal, more aircraft, a more modern infrastructure and more technical personnel are required.

Sweden, Stockholm

Main focus: health technology, smart communities, bioeconomy and tourism

Sweden is one of Norway's most important export markets and a natural first market for Norwegian business and industry. It also reflects many of the companies that contact us for assistance and help with introductions and becoming established in this market. This office focuses on areas such as health and welfare technology, smart societies, bioeconomy and tourism. It is actively involved in identifying opportunities and bringing them to the market. The office also focuses on the opportunities that exist in inter-country cooperation, which means connecting Norwegian and Swedish milieux with a third country.

UK – London

Main focus: renewable energy, green mobility, health, technology, tourism and finished goods

We contribute towards realising opportunities and commercialisation for Norwegian solutions that innovatively connect data and enable platform-based business models (as-a-service models). Our team in London is involved in exciting projects in our focus areas that can facilitate the transition to a sustainable low-emission society and post-pandemic recovery, as well as increase value added. We are also focussing on adapting Norwegian business and industry to a new trading regime following the UK's exit from the EU and the EEA.

Belgium, Brussels

Main focus: hydrogen, batteries, offshore wind, health, microelectronics and EU programmes

This office follows and identifies commercial opportunities emerging from EU policies and priority areas. Hydrogen, batteries, offshore wind, health and microelectronics are some of the sectors that are particularly relevant for Norwegian business and industry. This office also deals with the work being conducted on influencing and positioning Norwegian interests in the EU's Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.

Germany, Hamburg and Munich

Main focus: energy (including decarbonisation of industry, society and transport, hydrogen and energy technology), smart digital solutions, maritime and defence

Our two offices in Germany focus on the most important areas of trade and economic cooperation between our two countries and which are important for industry and society. We are also working with Invest in Norway to attract German industrial investments to Norway, and Visit Norway, which is actively looking to Germany - Norway's largest market for foreign travellers in terms of volume and proximity.

France, Paris

Main focus: offshore wind, hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, green mobility (maritime transport and onshore)

In addition to our focus areas, we are also working on other relevant market opportunities for Norwegian companies, such as agriculture, agricultural technology, underwater surveys, ocean cleanup and the aerospace industry. We also link activities to interdisciplinary technologies such as data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as political climate and environmental cooperation.

Spain, Madrid

Main focus: energy (offshore wind, solar, hydrogen), ocean industries (seafood, aquaculture, processing and fisheries technology), mobility solutions and agricultural technology

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and under the EU’s Next Generation recovery plan, Spain will be allocating €70 billion over the next 2-4 years for investments in energy, electrification (mobility solutions) and digitalisation, etc. Spain is also Europe's second largest importer of Norwegian seafood in terms of volume and is one of the world’s largest fisheries and agricultural nations. We are seeing considerable interest and opportunities for Norwegian solutions in our office's priority sectors.

Italy, Milan

Main focus: renewable energy, digital solutions, seafood, fashion and design

Italy is the largest recipient of the EU's major joint initiative in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, "Next Generation EU", and 40 percent of these funds have been dedicated to the green shift. The funds will be used for reforms and investments. Our office is focussing on relevant and important sectors such as renewable energy and smart digital solutions. Exports of Norwegian seafood are experiencing substantial growth and are subject to major investments, while fashion and design are still areas of focus. Visit Norway is also actively investing in Italy.

East Africa, Nairobi

Main focus: agriculture and renewable energy

Our office in Nairobi, which covers East Africa, primarily the markets in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, has strengthened its commitment to sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. In these two sectors we are seeing a great match between Norwegian solutions and market demands. There is also considerable international pressure on making investments in agriculture and energy. This is linked to the SDGs and key components for development in the global south.

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