Oslo Viken – Sarpsborg

Hjalmar Wessels vei 10, 1721 Sarpsborg

Key Activities in 2022

  • Using both regional district grants and the national framework for green investment grants in rural areas, we made a major circular economy initiative possible under the auspices of Hallingplast AS.
  • No fewer than four health companies from the region received funding from the EU EIC Accelerator. Six larger loans were also granted via the new growth loan programme that was piloted in 2022.
  • 28 Global Gateways customers received help with their export efforts, and several of these also took part in the Electric Vehicle Symposium, at which Innovation Norway funded a pavilion.
  • The projects awarded funding in 2022 included a record number of projects with a positive environmental impact in both Oslo (56 per cent) and Viken (70 per cent). It is also worth highlighting that the effect of receiving help from Innovation Norway for the companies in Oslo was 18.2 percentage points higher growth in sales revenue than the control group that did not get assistance.
  • Viken’s regional winner of the Business Development in Agriculture Award, Tveter Gård Roredling AS with ‘Den sorte havre’, also emerged victorious from the national competition.

Funding in 2022

The figures shown below apply to Viken.

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