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Key Activities in 2021

  • Funding activities have been substantial. Access to more capital for innovation projects has provided enterprises targeting restructuring with good opportunities for risk mitigation and the realisation of future projects.
  • Several innovation partnerships have developed and the parties are working together well in order to achieve the region's common business development goals.
  • Industry and the composition of businesses mean that the region is in a strong position leading up to the green shift. Several initiatives and projects are under way in the fields of biofuel, hydrogen, offshore wind and batteries, with the establishment of several major industries in the pipeline. We have contributed both funding and sparring.
  • The GCE Node and NCE Eyde clusters have a strong presence in the region and new networks and clusters are being created. The interplay between these clusters is exciting and there are several network initiatives taking place in the tourism industry. The clusters have acquired access to extra project funding in order to boost their focus on restructuring and innovation.
  • As regards exports, there has been an increase in the dialogue taking place between companies, Innovation Norway and the international support system. Innovation Norway has launched several new initiatives such as the Global Gateways export development programme, as well as major initiatives aimed at creating international opportunities such as High Potential Opportunities (HPOs). Small, medium-sized and large companies in Agder have all seen the relevance of these initiatives and are participating in them. Our Agder office and its employees are responsible for managing several international programmes.

Funding in 2021

The figures shown below apply to Agder.

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