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Key Activities in 2021

  • Five inland companies have been recruited for Innovation Norway's Global Gateways programme, with the aim of prompting greater export successes. The companies in the programme are receiving tailor-made follow-up throughout the export process with a view to reducing risks and ensuring access to new markets.
  • Developed sparring methodology with agricultural customers designed to cut costs and ensure profitable barn solutions for traditional agriculture. This methodology is referred to as "Inland Barn", and will become available for all of Innovation Norway's funding advisors.
  • Developed a methodology and facilitating innovation workshops across industries and academia – CROSS.
  • Developed sustainability workshops for companies in the development phase.
  • Developed a film that highlights Innovation Norway's services for use by first-line services when working with entrepreneurs.
  • Invest in Inland Norway highlighted Inland Norway as an attractive region for large green industrial projects.
  • Inland Norway established a Green Platform project for the circular value chain for wood under the auspices of the Norwegian Wood Cluster - SirkTRE.
  • In 2021, two restructuring schemes for tourism companies were announced as a result of the pandemic. In Inland, approximately NOK 81 million was granted under the restructuring scheme for tourism, spread across 75 companies.

Funding in 2021

The figures shown below apply to Inland Norway.

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