Offices in America

The United States is the world's largest consumer market with over 328 million inhabitants and substantial purchasing power. The country is rapidly moving into the green shift and making huge investments that provide Norwegian companies with a range of market opportunities across the US.

President Joe Biden's visions for the Green New Deal, infrastructure investments and the Jobs Act are providing many opportunities for Norwegian companies. This applies in particular to solutions relating to renewable energy (offshore wind and carbon capture), green mobility (at sea and on water), health, smart societies and defence technology.

USA, New York

Main focus: offshore wind, smart buildings, green transport and health technology

In the commercial and financial capital of the world, billions of dollars are being invested in the development of offshore wind as the energy source of the future, and smart building solutions as a result of new legislation designed to reduce carbon emissions. The city also has an increasing need for greener transport, at sea and on water, and the health market has the world's greatest demand for new health technology and medicines.

USA, Houston

Main focus: energy, renewable energy and maritime

Houston is the energy capital of the world in respect of the oil and gas industry. At the same time billions of dollars are being invested in order to access innovative technology and renewable energy solutions – ranging from hydrogen, solar energy and offshore wind to carbon capture. The same applies to the maritime industry with its need for electrification of the ferry and fishing fleets, as well as the renewal and construction of boats for the offshore wind initiative.

USA, Silicon Valley

Main focus: technology development

We are well positioned in the world's technology and innovation epicentre, Silicon Valley – the place where the world's most innovative companies and innovators come together to develop next-generation solutions. We are helping Norwegian entrepreneurs to test their own business models and to gain insight and market validation. 60 per cent of all venture capital investment in the United States comes from this region.

USA, Washington D.C.

Main focus: defence and security

Our office in the capital of the United States focuses on the defence industry and defence technology. In close cooperation with Norwegian business and industry, we are actively engaged in positioning Norwegian companies against relevant networks and decision-makers at government and business level. We are also actively working on market access for companies with solutions that are more widely required by the American defence industry.

Canada, Toronto

Main focus: renewable energy (hydrogen and carbon capture), circular economy and electrification of the maritime industry

Canada has the world's longest coastal strip with 180 ferry routes. Canada is also the world's fourth largest salmon producing nation with a high demand for new sustainable solutions and it is a very important market for the Norwegian aquaculture industry. It also has a very attractive health market.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Main focus: renewable energy, maritime, aquaculture and infrastructure

Brazil is our most important market in South America with its high demand for energy and smart energy solutions. There is particular demand for offshore wind farms, hydrogen, carbon capture, solar energy and energy storage. 71 per cent of Norwegian investments in Brazil are in the energy sector, while seven per cent are in the maritime industry.

Brazil has its own technology envoy who is tasked with strengthening cooperation with Norway in respect of research and higher education, and connecting this with the needs of the business sector. Our office in Rio also follows the markets of Chile and Colombia. In Chile, the aquaculture industry is important, and the Norwegian business sector is well represented in the construction of new infrastructure with a particular focus on tunnel technology.

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