Møre and Romsdal - Ålesund

Skansekaia 4B, 6002 Ålesund

Key Activities in 2021

  • The coronavirus pandemic also had a major impact on the business sector and our activities in 2021. The tourism industry has been hit hard and Innovation Norway’s restructuring packages for the tourism industry have created activities in many companies during these demanding times.
  • Total grants and loans to companies in Møre & Romsdal amounted to almost NOK 1 billion. NOK 430 million of this constituted grants to the fishing and aquaculture industries.
  • Funding has been granted to three new corporate networks and we have observed an increased willingness and interest in investing in collaborative developments.
  • Several young companies are preparing for growth and internationalisation as they embark on major, ambitious development projects that have received risk relief in the form of grants and loans.
  • High activity levels and receipt of applications from agriculture. The difference between demand and disposable assets has increased compared to previous years.
  • Active participation in regional partnerships. Examples of activities include meetings in the regional Hoppid network, participation in rolling out the county's R&DI strategy, project assessments by the Regional Research Fund and joint events involving the Research Council of Norway and the Møre & Romsdal County Council.

Funding in 2021

The figures shown below apply to Møre & Romsdal.

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