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Annual report '06

Innovation Norway’s results in 2006

Innovation Norway promotes economically and socio-economically profitable industrial development throughout the country.  The figures indicate good results. The work has contributed to greater innovation and higher profitability and created jobs.

Innovation Norway concentrates its work on four result areas or secondary goals. These are:

  • to contribute to increased innovation within business throughout the country
  • to contribute to increased internationalisation within business throughout the country
  • to raise the profile of Norway and Norwegian business internationally
  • to contribute to business development based on regional conditions

Measurements show that the work is producing results

Every year, Innovation Norway carries out two surveys in collaboration with the Ministries to measure the effects of our work: a preliminary survey to determine the expectations of companies concerning the projects and a retrospective survey to assess the results afterwards. The figures show that the work has produced results:
63 percent of companies which have received assistance from Innovation Norway responded that the project has generally resulted in greater innovation. 67 and 68 percent respectively believe that the project has very much contributed to greater profitability and human resource development within the company, while 56 percent believe that the project has resulted in increased cooperation with others. The latter figure represents a fall of 8 percent compared with 2005.

The surveys also indicate that companies have a greater international focus than previously. 61 percent of the companies state that the project for which Innovation Norway provided assistance has been of importance for the company's survival, while an impressive 78 percent state that, without assistance from Innovation Norway, the projects would not have been carried out, would have been postponed or would have been carried out on a smaller scale. This proportion has been relatively stable since 2002.

During the period 2002 to 2006, Innovation Norway helped to create or secure between 5400 and 7700 jobs amongst the companies that received assistance during 2002. The figures also show a slight increase in employment effect amongst companies who received assistance during 2002 compared with the previous year.