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Annual report '06

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Innovation Norway works with Corporate Social Responsibility within many fields, with respect to current and potential customers and in the form of programmes and events. The organisation has prepared a set of ethical guidelines which are to be followed in connection with all activity within Innovation Norway, together with an action plan for social responsibility.

This means that we will use economic, social and environmental assessments as a basis for the activity, thereby contributing to sustainable development. Ethics and social responsibility form part of the assessment criteria within financing, consultancy, human resources development, network-building and promotion. Innovation Norway shall also be a prime-mover to ensure that customers and other partners practise the same ethical attitudes.

Corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasingly hot topic, both globally and nationally. Innovation Norway is an important player within society, and in the opinion of the board this imposes greater demands on activities and expertise within the field, both internally and externally. Innovation Norway’s report on corporate social responsibility is based on the guidelines from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an internationally recognised standard for sustainability reporting. The board is satisfied that we are submitting such a report for the second time.