County-wise allocations - policy instruments

In 2021 low-risk loans, high-risk loans and guarantees, and grants comprised a total of NOK 9.2 billion. Advisory services, profiling and EEA grants (NOK 943 million) are not included here.

NOK 9.2 billion is a decrease from 2020, when the corresponding figure was NOK 12.5 billion. The decrease is due to the discontinuation of some extraordinary grant schemes that were allocated due to the corona pandemic, and which in 2020, among other things, provided the opportunity to increase the volume of high-risk loans.

Please note that loans and grants for agriculture are presented together and are included under grants. The distribution is NOK 970 million in grants and NOK 381 million in loans.

A total of NOK 2.5 billion was provided as low-risk loans, distributed between industry and services (NOK 1 billion), agriculture (NOK 358 million) and fishing fleet (NOK 1.1 billion). High-risk loans and guarantees to industry, services and agriculture comprised NOK 1.5 billion. A total of NOK 5.3 billion was disbursed as grants in 2021. The largest items were corona measures (NOK 1.8 billion), environmental technology/Green platform (NOK 1 billion) and agriculture (NOK 970 million).

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