Allocation per target group

We awarded NOK 9.2 billion to industry and commerce in 2021 - by target group:


Amount in NOK millions: 6 023


Amount in NOK millions: 2 033


Amount in NOK millions: 903


Amount in NOK millions: 237

Source: Innovasjon Norge

The funds made available by the Storting and the county authorities, in combination with loan schemes, resulted in a total of more than NOK 9.2 billions in business-related funding under the auspices of Innovation Norway. The figure shows the distribution by target group. The corresponding figures for the "exceptional year" 2020 was NOK 12.5 billion, and for the "normal year" 2019 NOK 6.7 billion.

Allocations to clusters and networks are distributed by enterprise and entrepreneur.

  • Entrepreneur (0-3 years from incorporation and approval date)
  • Enterprise (3 years from incorporation and approval date)

Other includes customers who do not have an incorporation date or are a foundation, association or the like.

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