We helped generate

We helped generate NOK 31.5 billion for innovation activities in industry and commerce in 2021:

Own funds

Amount in NOK millions: 11 943

Innovation Norway (excluding guarantees and incl. EEA funding)

Amount in NOK millions: 10 689

Other funding

Amount in NOK millions: 5 837

Funding from customer partner

Amount in NOK millions: 1 754

Other public funds

Amount in NOK millions: 1 272

Source: Innovasjon Norge

Including the money from Innovation Norway, a total of NOK 31.5 billion was invested in innovation activities in 2021. The corresponding figures for the "exceptional year" 2020 was NOK 32.8 billion, and for the "normal year" 2019 NOK 17.9 billion.

The enterprises’ self-financing has increased the most, by 10.7 per cent from 2020. Innovation Norway's funding has been reduced by 23.9 per cent.

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