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Akersgata 13, 0158 Oslo

Key Activities in 2021

  • Our activities continued at a high level in 2021 and funding amounting to a total of NOK 1.5 billion kroner was granted in Oslo and Viken. Of this, extraordinary measures (in conjunction with Covid-19) amounted to NOK 573 million. In close dialogue with the municipality of Oslo and the Viken County Council, we have focussed on enterprises in the health industry, ICT/digitisation and the green shift. The tourism industry also became a high priority in 2021 with the allocation of extraordinary funds.
  • We conducted three webinars, focusing on export financing using risk loans and EU financing, with ECSFIN and commercial banks (DNB, Nordea and Danske Bank) in 2021.
  • Two companies in Oslo (Celerway Communication and Ocean Oasis) received grants totalling €5 million and one business in Viken (N2 Applied) received €15 million in equity in 2021 through EIC Accelerator, with Innovation Norway being involved on the advisory side. In addition, EU advisers at Oslo Viken have been instrumental in Nordic Choice joining a larger European co-operation project on food wastage that received funding.
  • We hosted a Brand Norway pavilion at the Nordic EV Summit held at Norway's Varemesse during the autumn of 2021, in order to highlight innovative and sustainable Norwegian mobility solutions for an international audience. 17 companies and seven clusters attended the pavilion, which also included a separate matchmaking event with our sister organisation Innovate UK and a handful of UK companies.
  • We hosted the Global Growth Denmark health programme in collaboration with the Norway Health Tech cluster and the Smart Care cluster in Stavanger. A recent market visit to Denmark featured a tightly packed programme for nine Norwegian companies which had meetings with a number of public Danish municipalities about entering into possible contracts. We have received good feedback from the participants on the programme.

Funding in 2021

The figures shown below apply to Oslo.

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