Aims to become a world leader in biochar production


Several EU countries are phasing out polluting coal, and the Norwegian company Arbaflame is creating an environmentally friendly alternative. The biochar manufacturer from Oslo sees great opportunities in world markets.

The company has developed a biochar product to replace coal and cut CO2 emissions by 90 percent. In addition, it will produce valuable biochemicals.

More specifically, the company produces a type of wood pellet where the raw material is sourced from Norwegian and Swedish sawmills, which in turn source the raw material from sustainable forestry. That is why Bjorn Halvard Knappskog, CEO of Arbaflame, calls their products green pellets and sustainable fuels.

The technology has been under continuous development since the company’s inception in 2005, and its first commercial full-scale factory has opened on the outskirts of Kongsvinger. Seeing as a number of EU countries have set dates regarding the discontinuation of coal, Arbaflame plans to build more factories in Europe to meet future demands.

The ambition is to become one of the world’s largest producers of biochar within ten years.

“Thanks to Enova and Innovation Norway, we are now in a position to export this technology internationally, which helps accelerate the phasing out of coal in Europe”, says Knappskog.

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