Vestfold and Telemark - Skien

Storgaten 159, Floodegården, 3917 Porsgrunn. In 2021 this office was located in Skien. A new office location will apply with effect from February 2022.

Key Activities in 2021

  • Innovation Norway is funding the continued increase in development projects in Vestfold and Telemark.
  • 56 per cent of the grants we approved (corresponding to NOK 199 million) are classified as having an environmental impact. Green and sustainable circular economy and value creation are very important for the region.
  • 21 per cent of the national green framework was awarded to agriculture in the counties of Vestfold og Telemark.
  • Several of the destinations in our region are now working on Sustainable Destination Development, which is an expertise programme developed by Innovation Norway.
  • Increased interest in investments in our region with constant leads from Invest in Norway colleagues worldwide.
  • Four companies from our region have been admitted to the "Global Gateways" export programme, and the GIC hydrogen network is a benchmark for HPO Hydrogen Germany. However, more companies from our region are expected to participate in other HPOs in the future (HPO=High Potential Opportunities).
  • Companies from the region participated in Global Growth market programmes to China, Singapore, the United Nations and the United States, etc.
  • For our International Market Development preparatory programme, Vestfold and Telemark had eight out of 73 participants in national competition.

Funding in 2021

The figures shown below apply to Vestfold and Telemark.

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