Smart waste management

Cycled TechnologiesSkien

The Skien-based company Cycled Technologies is developing a smart system for collecting and sorting waste. The technology will soon be introduced to the international market.

The solution consists of a digital platform, mobile applications and smart containers called SmartBins. These containers identify, track and sort waste using sensors, camera technology and artificial intelligence. To name just a few of the advantages, people and companies that use the containers are rewarded with points that can be exchanged for food items in shops, reduced office rent or reduced prices at fitness centres.

“Cycled Technologies develops technology and solutions that can contribute to increased recycling and circular economy, both in the private and corporate markets. They have secured good partners and are working closely with customers throughout the development process. They have an international network that is important when working in parallel in several markets”, says Marte Lønnebakke from Innovation Norway Vestfold and Telemark.

Analysing valuable data

The company’s customers need good and efficient ways of managing waste. Customers might include property companies that operate commercial and office buildings, and owners of shopping centres, shops and sports facilities. Cycled Technologies connects the ecosystem, such as users, collectors and recycling companies, on a digital platform.

The digital platform compiles and analyses a wide range of valuable data such as types of material, material quality, quantity and where and when the waste material is delivered. As a result, collectors and recycling companies receive very useful information about the collection points and increased access to recyclable material. The documentation contributes to better logistics, reduced transport costs and more efficient recycling.

Development in collaboration

Since its establishment in 2016, the company has worked extensively on customer contact and market needs. In a relevant pilot project, they will test 40 containers and the technology in two different locations. One of the locations is the home ground of Odd Football Club, Skagerak Arena, which seats 12,000 spectators. Cycled Technologies will help the club achieve its goal of recycling all waste.

In parallel with the pilot project in Norway, the company operates waste collection in Lagos, Nigeria, through its subsidiary Cycled Recycling Ltd, in collaboration with the state waste agency. The result is a collection of up to four tonnes of plastic waste each month, and the plan is to expand this to also include paper, glass and metal.

Innovation Norway has directly triggered the progress of the project.
Thor Sverre Minnesjord, Cycled Technologies

Crucial support from Innovation Norway

“Innovation Norway has directly triggered the progress of the project. They have helped us develop the technology, establish collaboration with pilot customers and establish new jobs. As a result, we have received a number of new private investors who have ploughed capital into the company”, says Thor Sverre Minnesjord, CEO of Cycled Technologies.

The market for smart collection solutions is global. The company is now primarily working with the Norwegian/Scandinavian market, the Middle East and parts of West Africa. The main focus is to industrialise the platform and gain experience through the first commercial contracts, so that they can further improve the containers and software.

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