Offices in Asia and Middle East

For several years we have observed a shift in the global economic centre of gravity towards Asia. After primarily being involved in production, Asian countries are now also becoming prime movers in the fields of innovation and development.

We are present in the most important markets in Asia and the Middle East, and we are jointly involved in these markets with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' foreign embassies. Our employees possess detailed knowledge about the most important sectors in the most relevant markets for Norwegian business and industry. We put Norwegian business and industry in touch with the right circles in those markets in which we operate, and help Norwegian companies with assessing market opportunities, market access and market establishments, etc.

In India, Singapore and Japan, Innovation Norway has technology envoys who are specifically involved in the research and knowledge communities in these countries.

The United Arab Emirates, Dubai

This office also covers the other Gulf Cooperation Council countries: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

Main focus: energy, maritime and aquaculture

This office has been focussing on the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai, the Energy Technology and Technology Restructuring project and food safety (aquaculture). Large amounts of money are being invested in food safety, the maritime industry, infrastructure and energy such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), solar (green and blue), hydrogen, carbon capture and carbon storage. We are working closely with some of the major players, but we are also experiencing increased interest from medium-sized enterprises that are aware of the keen interest in investing in the region.

India, New Delhi

Main focus: energy, maritime, aquaculture and circular economy

This office is particularly involved in our initiative relating to green electric value chains, primarily hydrogen. India has announced high ambitions in this area and Indian industry is very interested in Norwegian technology in this respect. Key customers are HydrogenPro, Greenstat and Morrow Batteries. The office is also focussing on green circular solutions in respect of which Cambi, Tomra and SEID are key players/customers. Innovation Norway has helped to establish beneficial cooperation with Team Norway and is working closely with the Embassy and Consulate General in Mumbai.


Main focus: energy, maritime, health and circular economy

We are working on two projects under our Nordic collaboration with Business Finland and Business Sweden, the Nordic Health Initiative in Asia Pacific and New Capital City in Indonesia. Work is also being carried out on a High Potential Opportunities circular economy programme and two respective Global Growth health and maritime programmes. An energy network involving 50 companies is also being managed in this region. TechLaben, which is being built next door to our office, will be involved in positioning Norwegian businesses in key sectors. We are also working with individual companies in our focus areas.

Vietnam, Hanoi

Main focus: energy, aquaculture and circular economy

Clear prioritisation of large and important customers in our focus areas, such as Equinor and Scatec (offshore wind), Stena/Blystad (natural gas) and TOMRA and SCG Norway (circular economy). This office has been working extensively with the aquaculture supplier industry and has ensured cooperation at a high political level.

China, Beijing and Shanghai

Main focus: energy, maritime, aquaculture, health, finished goods, smart societies, circular economy and Invest in Norway

These offices had several major joint ventures with many participating Norwegian companies, e.g. investing in Norwegian health and lifestyle products and services associated with winter activities, with direct reference to the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Offshore wind was a focus area and exhibitions and seminars targeted at Chinese companies were conducted. Green solutions for the maritime sector have also been an important common venture, in close cooperation with Norwegian maritime companies in China.

South Korea, Seoul

Main focus: energy, maritime and aquaculture

This office has important investments in the fields of hydrogen, offshore wind, carbon capture and storage, by mobilising and supporting Norwegian companies that are able to adopt an important role in the restructuring of the Korean energy market. The development of onshore aquaculture in Korea is in an exciting phase and the office is working with a number of supplier companies and system developers.

Japan, Tokyo

Main focus: energy, maritime, health, Invest in Norway, Nordic Innovation House Tokyo/early stage growth companies

This office has been working on three strategic projects relating to hydrogen and ammonia, offshore wind and sustainable maritime technology. Focus has been placed on growth and innovation companies involved in health/medtech and clean technology through Nordic Innovation House Tokyo. Invest in Norway's work involves promoting investments in the battery value chain, green data centres and power-intensive industries.

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