A world leader in satellite communications

Kongsberg Satellite ServicesTromsø

Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) provide services from their base in Tromsø to customers around the world. The company, which passed NOK 1 billion in turnover last year, can be proud of 20 years of continuous growth.

KSAT are experts in satellite communications. With over 200 antennas placed in 25 locations around the world, they have the world’s largest ground network able to receive data from satellites. The data transmitted to the Tromsø-based company is used to deliver a variety of services around the world. 93 percent of their sales are exports.

Driving demand

“KSAT provides services that meet market needs and that can help address societal challenges around the world. Demand in international markets must guide us in developing a competitive and sustainable Norwegian business sector, and not least increase exports”, says finance adviser Inger E. Haug from Innovation Norway Arctic.

Innovation Norway has supported the Tromsø-based company with funding and advisory services over several years. In recent years, several of our offices abroad have contributed to international growth.

“There are local advisors working at these offices who know the market, the business culture and which opportunities are available to Norwegian trade and industry at any given time. This is a unique advantage that KSAT and other companies with growth potential know how to utilise”, says Haug.

Global climate control relies on fast and accurate satellite data.
Rolf Skatteboe, KSAT

Global climate control

KSAT mainly uses the satellite information for maritime surveillance. For example, this might include services to find and identify boats and activity related to illegal fishing, detecting oil spills and ice. In addition, they work extensively with optical satellite imagery in order to monitor deforestation, flooding and other disasters. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are a mainstay of the company’s work.

“Global climate control relies on fast and accurate satellite data. It is absolutely crucial, not just for KSAT, but for society as a whole. Among other things, satellite-based information helps fight the deforestation that is taking place around the world”, says Rolf Skatteboe, CEO of KSAT.

A global business

The company has gone from being a start-up in 2002 to a global business, and can be proud of 20 years of continuous growth! KSAT passed NOK 1 billion in turnover in 2020, and currently has 275 employees distributed between its headquarters in Tromsø and the branch offices in Svalbard, Oslo and Colorado in the United States.

They now intend to spend time expanding the network of ground stations, including stations in Australia and in Spain. They will greatly increase capacity in Antarctica. The company will also focus on cloud-based solutions and machine learning when developing new services.

“The global market for satellite-based services is growing and we are in a unique position to deliver services. Our goal is to become the leading actor in the fight against illegal fishing, and we will place significant focus on climate and environmental monitoring in the future”, says Skatteboe.

  • Regional district funds
  • Advisory in international markets
  • Export technical advisory