Global export of batteries


The Rogaland-based company Beyonder makes batteries out of sawdust. With good help from Innovation Norway, their production is aimed at the world market.

Norway can become a world leader in battery production because we can produce in a more sustainable manner. Beyonder uses waste from the forestry industry as their main ingredient. This is good news.

“Much of the current production takes place in Asia, where power and energy come from coal-fired power plants. In addition, some of the ingredients that are used are not very sustainable” explains Svein Kvernstuen, founder and CEO of Beyonder.

He believes battery production is a smart path for Norway to follow in the green energy shift. There is high demand and the market is growing tremendously. Innovation Norway has assisted the company since its inception in 2016.

Innovation Norway opens doors

“Innovation Norway has been very forward-looking and has provided us with some great help. We have received a lot of support in terms of funding, but they have also done a great job opening doors for us”, says Kvernstuen.

It started with market clarification funding. Once they had clarified the market needs and made plans for the actual technology development, they received environmental technology funding. In addition, they received innovation advice and innovation loans.

“Through our funding and loans, we want to help companies like Beyonder realise innovative projects that can generate high future value creation in Norway”, says John Morten Storflor, finance adviser at Innovation Norway Rogaland.

The company has also received market advisory services from our offices in Sweden and Japan.

“Through cross-border partnerships and collaboration, we are able to develop innovative and sustainable battery solutions and build a strong international position”, says Thea Schøyen, senior adviser at the office in Sweden.

Through cross-border partnerships and collaboration, we are able to develop innovative and sustainable battery solutions and build a strong international position.
Thea Schøyen, Innovation Norway in Stockholm

Jobs and income

Beyonder is now investing heavily in establishing a battery factory at Forus, and Innovation Norway is contributing with extraordinary innovation grants and innovation loans.

The factory will become a national battery centre creating several hundred jobs, and the plan is full-scale production in 2023. The batteries are made for heavy industry and large engines. For example, a bus will be able to use a smaller battery compared to today’s solutions.

“When we start reducing activities in the North Sea, we must ensure that we have exciting and long-term jobs that secure tax revenues and export revenues in the future”, Kvernstuen points out.

  • Grants for market clarification
  • Advice on innovation and development
  • Grants for environmental technology
  • Innovation loans
  • Grant for mentor
  • Grants for renewable energy in agriculture
  • Advisory on internationalisation
  • Advisory in international markets
  • The Explorer