Road marking for the global market

Trysil RMMTrysil

High-tech solutions for marking roads, airports, and car parks are being developed in Trysil. Machinery and equipment are being produced for customers in several countries, and 50 per cent of the business is based on exports. Trysil Maskin is now changing its name in order to reach new markets.

Trysil Road Marking Machines (Trysil RMM) is Norway’s only manufacturer of road marking machines and is the market leader in both Sweden and Finland.

The company, which started in 1982, had a turnover of NOK 50 million last year and aims to double its turnover by 2025. It aims to increase sales on the international market and enter more European countries and the US. The company has already had market breakthroughs in Australia and Argentina.

Part of the Global Gateways export programme

The international initiative requires skills development and access to agents or local players. The company was recently admitted to Innovation Norway’s Global Gateways export programme. This provides the company with close follow-up throughout the entire export process. A dedicated internationalisation adviser will help minimise risk and secure quick access to new markets.

“By gaining good knowledge of the company’s needs, Innovation Norway is able to offer the best expertise, advisory services and networks,” says Josien Bouwman, internationalisation adviser at Innovation Norway Innlandet.

The programme is one of many services Innovation Norway has for export companies. In addition to advisory services, participation in networks, and expertise services, we also offer funding to Norwegian companies with international ambitions. We can also connect companies to EU funding. Together with Export Finance Norway, Norwegian companies have good opportunities to secure sales contracts that contribute to Norwegian value creation and employment.

Ready for global markets

“With support from Innovation Norway, we achieved a successful market breakthrough in the UK in 2021. We will now continue our work together in the Global Gateways programme. Innovation Norway has supported the developmental stages of our innovative Trafficprinter since we launched the prototype in 2012, and we are now ready for global markets,” says Jon Kjetil Jutulstad, CEO at Trysil RMM.

Director of Innovation Norway’s London office, Hilde Hukkelberg, points out that Jutulstad and his team of 27 employees worked long and hard to secure one of the UK’s leading road marking specialists as their first customer. The office is now preparing a launch on behalf of Trysil RMM in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in London.

“The growth potential is significant, and we look forward to contributing proactively to its development of new markets,” says Hukkelberg.

Regional jobs

The company has previously received a number of grants from Innovation Norway for the development of machinery and software, and loans to expand its production facilities.

"Contributing to increased regional employment is one of Innovation Norway’s most important tasks. Public grants have helped to reduce the company’s financial risk, and it has also been important for Innovation Norway to support the creation of skilled jobs in the local area. This produces good ripple effects for the local community,” says Sverre Bjørnstad, Director of Innovation Norway Innlandet.

  • Regional district funds
  • Innovation loans
  • Low risk loans
  • Advisory in international markets
  • Export technical advisory
  • EU advisory
  • IPR advisory
  • The cluster program