Norwegian technology making wind power more profitable


WindSim has developed software designed to optimise wind farms. Capital, expertise, and networks from Innovation Norway have given the project a boost.

A wind farm is a collection of wind turbines that produce electrical energy. The Tønsberg company WindSim supplies software for the optimal design and operation of wind turbine farms.

It uses advanced models to model the wind field in and around the wind turbine farms such that the turbines can be located where they will produce the most electricity and are the least exposed to adverse forces. The solution is based on a technology that results in very great accuracy.

Customers in more than 50 countries

The product was launched in 2003 and is well established in the market. The company now has customers in more than 50 countries and 19 employees. Innovation Norway has contributed in a number of areas, both in the form of funding and advice. The company has also taken place in the export programme Global Growth.

“WindSim is an exciting company. It delivers a highly innovative and future-oriented product that can help increase the production of renewable energy and higher exports,” says Silje Sterner, senior adviser at Innovation Norway Vestfold og Telemark.

Growth in the US

Arne Gravdahl is the founder of WindSim and the company's chief technology officer. He sees good opportunities for expansion in the coming years.

“We have seen considerable growth in the US, which we expect to grow even more. Our focus remains on onshore wind, but we will expand to offshore wind power as well,” he says.

In early 2022, the software will be transferred to a cloud solution, which will replace the current desktop version. The new version will run project comparisons up to 100 times faster in the cloud than it would on a local desktop.

Environmental technology project in China

In 2021, the software developer was one of four Norwegian companies that received funds from Innovation Norway for the development of innovative environmental technology in collaboration with partners in Jiangsu Province, China. The call for proposals was linked to China’s specific goal of cutting its own greenhouse gas emissions and plans to be climate neutral by the end of 2060. This is presenting opportunities for companies that can deliver good environmental solutions.

WindSim has also taken part in Global Growth GreenTech under the auspices of Innovation Norway Beijing with the goal of further developing its market potential in China.

“We are grateful for this opportunity, which is in line with our plans in China in terms of both timing and location,” says Gravdahl, adding:

“Our mission is to combat global warming by cutting CO2 emissions. I love nature and I’m pleased that we are helping to change the energy landscape from black to green.”

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