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Annual report '06

Roles and tasks

Innovation Norway promotes economically and socio-economically profitable business development throughout the country and triggers the commercial opportunities of districts and regions by contributing to innovation, internationalisation and promotion.

Our services and programmes

Innovation Norway is to be a backer and promoter of entrepreneurs, newly founded and medium-sized enterprises that are seeking to grow, particularly in an international market. We offer programmes and services which will help to increase innovation within industry throughout the country, develop the districts and promote Norwegian industry and Norway as a destination.

Our role is to contribute through: 

  • long-term financing in the form of loans, grants and guarantees
  • expertise
  • networks
  • advice

for development projects within and for businesses.

We also promote travel and Norwegian business in general. We often customise solutions for our customers based on a combination of these service types.

A global organisation

Innovation Norway is a global organisation. In addition to being represented in every county in the country, we have offices in over thirty countries. In countries where Innovation Norway is not represented with an office, there are major international networks through Norway’s embassies.

Ownership and administration

The Ministry of Trade and Industry is the principal owner of Innovation Norway. The company also administrates funds for the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.


As of 1 January 2004, Innovation Norway assumed the duties of the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund (SND), the Norwegian Trade Council, the Government Consultative Office for Inventors (SVO) and the Norwegian Tourist Board.