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Annual report '06


It is important for Innovation Norway that customers have simple access to and benefit from our services and those of other public sector organisations.

We have therefore established co-operative agreements with all the county councils in the country and the county governor’s agricultural departments in order to provide appropriate services to the enterprises concerned. We also have agreements with SIVA and the Research Council of Norway. This ensures that our customers have a single point of contact with our offices, which can also provide assistance in the form of guidance and contact mediation for this part of the public support system. The Research Council of Norway has representatives at eight of our offices in Norway. Innovation Norway's district offices also process all SkatteFUNN cases for the Research Council of Norway.

At the top of the figure, we have all the ministries that govern our operation. The Ministry of Trade and Industry is our owner. At the next level are our offices in Norway, who have agreements with their county council in order to provide the best possible assistance to businesses in the county. The overseas offices report to the foreign service through an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are also represented via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ overseas offices in more than 100 countries.  This means that we are currently represented in all the most important foreign markets for Norwegian industry.

At the bottom are our regional and national co-operative partners and those of international importance.

Innovation Norway also has co-operative agreements with a number of other organisations. The figure below (in Norwegian) shows this co-operation.