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Key Activities in 2021

  • We provided businesses in Nordland with over NOK 1.1 billion in funding for projects that have a positive environmental impact and solve major societal challenges, create exports and new jobs.
  • ACD Pharma received £60 million to build what will be the world's largest large-scale bacteriophage plant with pharmaceutical approval. Bacteriophages are a type of virus found everywhere in nature and can be used as an alternative to antibiotics. The company will thus be helping to solve the global challenge created by resistance to antibiotics.
  • Teco 2030 ASA received £50 million. This project is a venture designed to produce hydrogen-based fuel cells for the propulsion of ships in Narvik. This investment will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide opportunities for up to 500 new jobs.
  • Freyr was awarded NOK 39 million in order to build an environmentally friendly manufacturing plant for batteries at Mo i Rana in Nordland. This could create several thousand jobs in the district.
  • The tourism industry in Nordland is working hard to offer year-round tourism and use the local environment and local products to deliver on sustainability, in close cooperation with creative industries and agriculture. Due to the coronavirus crisis tourism received three times more in developmental funds in 2021 than would have been the case during a normal year. In 2021 it received NOK 125 million for readjustments and development.
  • Andøya Spaceport is a national space industry venture that could produce significant ripple effects in terms of the establishment of the supplier industry and the development of tourism, both locally and regionally. The Spaceport will be finished by the end of 2022 and then rockets will be launched into space from Andøya and Norway.
  • In 2021 the office placed greater focus on growth, exports and internationalisation by extending its expertise portfolio and providing tailored consultancy services to businesses with good conditions for export. This work is being continued in 2022.

Funding in 2021

The numbers shown below are for Nordland.

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