EEA partnership for development

The EEA and Norway Grants contribute to social and economic development in 15 European countries. At the same time, the grants allow Norwegian companies to participate in projects in the Baltics and Central and Southern Europe.

Norway co-funds business development programmes in ten countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia. These programmes support collaborations involving Norwegian and European companies, and Innovation Norway will contribute so that as many good EEA projects as possible gain a Norwegian partner.

Norwegian partners in 30 projects in 2021

Announcements for the EEA and Norway Grants are initially aimed at companies in the beneficiary countries that develop, use or commercialise new technologies in industry, the blue sector, ICT, energy or health and welfare. However, it is also an aim to bring Norwegian partners into the projects in order to contribute with technology and expertise. In addition, a number of activities are carried out aimed at strengthening relations between companies in the beneficiary countries and Norwegian actors, thereby helping Norwegian companies to find new markets for their products and services.

In the current programme period, we are managing six EEA programmes within the fields of business development, innovation and SMEs, decent working conditions and third-party collaborations, and renewable energy, energy efficiency and safety. In total, Innovation Norway administers approximately NOK 1.9 billion, which will be distributed to relevant projects by 2023.

In 2021, a total of NOK 474 million was allocated to 87 projects. One or more Norwegian project partners participate in 30 of these.

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