Innovation in the humanitarian sector

Innovation Norway manages assignments from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that aim to stimulate innovative collaboration between the business sector and actors working within humanitarian development. The purpose is to tackle key societal challenges and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Vision 2030

The Vision 2030 scheme contributes towards fighting poverty by promoting innovative Norwegian solutions within the fields of health and education in developing countries. This is done by further developing and scaling up solutions from Norwegian companies.

In 2021, 19 new projects received funding in areas such as saliva-based Covid-19 testing, training within the field of aquaculture, and a learning platform for children and young people. Laerdal Global Health has completed a project in Tanzania where innovative training products and medical equipment have reduced child mortality by 40 percent.

Humanitarian Innovation Programme

The Humanitarian Innovation Programme promotes innovation in the humanitarian sector, and facilitates innovation partnerships between humanitarian organisations and private companies. The aim is to develop solutions for faster, better and more cost-effective emergency aid.

In 2021, work was carried out to develop digitally available insurance schemes for female farmers, tools for more efficient mine clearing, and a cash-based assistance solution that ensures access to health services after completing hospital treatment.

In addition to reducing risk in humanitarian-private innovation partnerships, the programme encourages humanitarian organisations to collaborate on joint projects. An analysis shows a 175 percent increase in applications from collaborative organisations. The programme also sets requirements for the private sector to provide matching funding. Of a total of NOK 53.4 million in allocated grants in 2021, NOK 25.4 million was matched by private capital.

Enterprise Development for Jobs

The Enterprise Development for Jobs grant scheme helps combat poverty by creating jobs in prioritised developing countries and increasing access to renewable energy.

In 2021, several skills-developing and network-building activities were carried out, as well as digital events for mobilisation and knowledge sharing. Examples of these are the ‘Business Conference for Internationalisation and Development’ which was organised in collaboration with Norad and the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), and the business delegation to Ghana and Nigeria.

In 2021, Innovation Norway assisted Norad in assessing 23 applications in connection with the programme’s announcements. We used our knowledge about the companies and drew on resources at our regional and international offices. The majority were granted support from Norad.

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