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Annual report '06

Economic performance indicators


Salaries, pensions and other conditions are governed by the agreement between Innovation Norway and the organisations affiliated to the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions (LO), the Confederation of Vocational Unions (YS) and the Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations (SAN). In addition, a number of settlements govern employment and working conditions at Innovation Norway. Innovation Norway is a member of the employers’ association NAVO.

A separate agreement has been established between the company and the employer organisations concerning a salary system. This agreement facilitates the implementation of our salary policy, the use of incentives and the personal and career development of the employees.

Salaries are set according to the following three criteria: The responsibilities of the position concerned, the performance of the person holding it and wage levels in the market. The position system is divided into six categories and is designed to allow a choice between two alternative career paths: one administrative and the other professional/technical.

Employees paid from Norway are covered by separate health and travel insurance. Innovation Norway has an agreement with the Norwegian Public Sector Fund concerning occupational pensions.

Other company benefits

Innovation Norway has three cabins that employees may use. Gifts to employees in connection with milestone birthdays and anniversaries, retirement, weddings and the like are regulated by company guidelines.