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Annual report '06

Environmental performance indicators

Company activities

Innovation Norway’s mission is such that little material is used other than paper. In 2006, we delivered 18 tonnes of paper waste, which was used for district heating purposes.

Our offices are situated in all of the country's counties and in 30 counties worldwide. Many of the premises are leased. Thus we are able to report the energy consumption for our headquarters at Akersgata 13 in Oslo only. In 2006, our electricity consumption was 1,661,101 kilowatt-hours. Water consumption was 26,424 cubic metres.

Innovation Norway has no emissions or releases that pollute the environment, and there were no accidents that resulted in emissions. For the full year, 25,000 litres of waste was delivered from Akersgata 13.

IT equipment that is replaced at Innovation Norway is reused. We have an agreement with Alternativ Data, a company which arranges for the equipment to be distributed to schools in Norway or abroad. So far, we have delivered 229 used screens, 259 PCs, 11 servers and 22 printers for reuse.

Environmental impact of products and services

Innovation Norway aims to develop and introduce environmentally friendly technology and environmentally friendly products and services. The utilisation of Norway’s energy resources has provided the basis for strong revenues and for the development of industry which consumes energy and industry which supplies goods and services. A targeted public sector initiative has resulted in an industry that is strong within the field of environmental technology.

A special sector initiative within Innovation Norway will increase market shares for the Norwegian supplier industry. The focus area comprises renewable energy, new energy technology and the environment (including a separate Bioenergy programme). The target group consists of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (technology and service providers). The enterprises must have a clear international growth ambition. Prioritised initiatives are the strengthening of business networks and business development through multi-company projects, international exposure/networking and the bringing of knowledge back to Norway. A total of 21 development projects were carried out in 2006.

It is estimated that, on a country basis, it will be possible to recruit projects from approximately 500 companies.  The majority of companies are assumed to have fewer than 20 employees. Between 2003 and 2006, an average of 80 companies within the segment received renewable energy and new energy technology support from the SkatteFUNN tax deduction scheme concerning R&D. Projects that trigger synergies between a number of companies are given priority.

During 2006, Innovation Norway awarded a total of approximately NOK 700 million to projects relating to energy and the environment.

“Guidelines for innovators in the energy market” have been prepared in collaboration with Enova. Further collaboration with Enova, the Norwegian Water and Energy Resources Directorate and the Research Council of Norway sees a study booklet entitled “Renewable Energy 2007” and the web portals fornybar.no and renewableenergy.no under preparation. These will be launched in 2007.

The Euro Info Center helps Norwegian companies to gain access to the recipient-controlled financing schemes the EEA and Structure Funds, coordinated with respect to Innovation Norway’s work on the EU’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme – CIP.

Innovation Norway also promotes trade through the development of interregional cluster projects/multicompany projects and the establishment and further development of meeting places and networks (e.g. the German-Norwegian Energy Forum (Germany) and the NEEC-Norwegian Energy and Environment Consortium (China). Innovation Norway has carried out a number of Norwegian joint stands, business missions and partnering events.

The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority, the Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway have jointly begun work to develop a common proposal to the government concerning a major new environmental technology initiative in 2008.

Organisation procurement and agreements

Innovation Norway is subject to the Freedom of Information Act and the regulations concerning public sector procurement. The operation is carried out in accordance with these laws and international rules, treaties and conventions that concern the organisation.