Allocation per service

We distributed NOK 7.1 billion to business in 2022 - by service:


Amounts in NOK millions: 3 315

High-risk loans and guarantees

Amounts in NOK millions: 1 910

Low-risk loans

Amounts in NOK millions: 1 853

Source: Innovasjon Norge

The funds made available by Stortinget and the counties, together with loan schemes, gave an industry-oriented investment of NOK 7.1 billion under the auspices of Innovation Norway. The figures show the distribution by service. Corresponding figures for the 'exception years' 2021 and 2020 were NOK 9.2 and 12.5 billion, respectively. For the 'normal year' 2019, it was NOK 6.7 billion.

Advisory services, profiling and the EEA funds are not included here. They amount to NOK 1.15 billion.