Allocation per policy area

We allocated NOK 7.1 billion to industry and commerce in 2022 - by regional policy area:

Outside regional policy area

Amount in NOK millions: 3 400

Within regional policy area

Amount in NOK millions: 3 200

More counties

Amount in NOK millions: 500

Source: Innovasjon Norge

The funds made available by the Storting and the counties, together with loan schemes, provided a total industry-oriented effort of NOK 7.1 billion under the auspices of Innovation Norway. The figures show the distribution by regional policy area of ​​activity. Corresponding figures for the "exceptional years" 2021 and 2020 were NOK 9.2 and 12.5 billion respectively, and for the "normal year" 2019 it was NOK 6.7 billion.

Regional policy area is defined by the Government.

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